Chrystal Copland by Armin Morbach for Tush, fall 2012

nerd that i am, i thought of proginoskes

Viktor Vasnetsov - Seraphs.

proginoskes, perhaps?

Lucien Clergue Constellation, circa 1980. Tirage argentique. 23,5 x 30 cm.

terrifying! reminds me of a wrinkle in time
<3 more reminiscences about madeleine l’engle books abound when i look at this picture

Some very nifty art from Mark Weaver..

this is AWESOME. reminds me of some of my favorite book covers from childhood (for some reason madeleine l’engle comes to mind). i love the 70’s feel of the images/color scheme- it’s like the color scheme of memory.

here’s a quiz i made up this morning:

1. how do you take your coffee? i like hot coffee with cream, iced coffee black.

2. what is your favorite seasoning to use in cooking? herbes de Provence. it’s versatile and good to use in any savory dish like pot roast, chicken soup, and homemade pasta sauce.

3. what is your new favorite article of clothing? i am really into long skirts right now (ankle length)

4. what is an old faithful article of clothing for you? i have a vallely skateboarding long sleeved t-shirt that is ripped to shreds… i got is as a hand-me-down about ten years ago so it’s pretty old. love it though.

5. what’s your favorite quote (under ten words)? “nothing is hopeless. we must always hope.” -madeleine l’engle

6. what do you do in the first ten minutes after waking up? put on some music, usually black sabbath or similar, make coffee, hug my cats.

7. what are you reading right now? the translator (john crowley), the plague (albert camus), walden (thoreau)

8. it’s a hot day. what’s your refreshing drink of choice? ice water. if it’s after dark, maybe a vodka soda.

9. what’s always on your grocery list? eggs, bell peppers, broccoli, yogurt, steak. i eat these things all the time.

10. if you could change your name, what would you change it to? i would hyphenate my second middle name and my last name. i have always liked hyphenated last names.

these are free needlepoint patterns for a few literary quotes. pretty cool!

Opaque  by  andbamnan