From 1930, sheet music for Underneath the Falling Leaves (I Fell in Love With You).
The leaves will be falling around here soon. There’s a distinct chill in the air and Saturday is officially the first day of fall.

can you tell i’m excited for fall? also autumn is indeed the best time of year to fall in love.

Vlaho Bukovac, Andromeda (Detail), 19th/20th Century

Robert Frost
my favorite time of year


People often think of fire as a destructive force, and it can be. But fire also rejuvenates the land. Many grasses have evolved root systems that survive fires so they can be renewed, and some trees and other plants have seeds that only germinate after a fire has come through. Plus fires clean out old dead wood and other debris, making it easier for fresh plant life to grow. 

It’s like a picture of the tide coming in, somewhere in the Elemental Chaos.

the fiery border between death and rebirth

Mediaval fabric at The Imperial Treasury/Vienna (Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien). (my picture)

imagine wearing something like this instead of garbage from h&m or modcloth. the farther back in time you go, the better the clothing quality… (this is how i justify being a grown woman and still shopping at thrift shops.)
ideal fall outfit

Details | Chanel Haute Couture F/W 2014

so magnificent

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Miu Miu Spr/Sum 2004 - Sonja Hulsman & Querelle Jansen by Mario Testino

'Woods in the Fall' undated watercolour by Childe Hassam (1859–1935).
Image and text courtesy MFA Boston. 

god i just wish i was there
Opaque  by  andbamnan